Welcome to the home of the Gimblett One-Name Study

This is the site for all those interested in the surname of Gimblett, Gimblet, Gimblette, Gimlett, Gimlette or Gimlet.  I began a one-name study  after an attempt to prove or disprove the family rumour that we were related to Harold Gimblett, the Somerset and England cricketer. As a result I collected a lot of information about the Somerset branch of this name. Looking on the 1881 census, I realised that Gimblett and its’ variants were not common names and the rest, as they say, is history.

Are we all related?

Quite possibly but at the moment I have nineteen family trees and many twigs waiting to be united with a tree and I haven’t tied them all up yet. My paternal grandmother was a Gimlett but her one of her brothers chose to be called Gimblett.  Another branch of this tree went ‘oop north’ and also called themselves Gimblett.  So far it seems that the name was concentrated in South Wales and the West Country and it is believed that it came over with the Huguenots but I haven’t been able to prove that yet! When I find a new name, I try to link it into a tree as quickly as possible and so if anyone can help by supplying copies of certificates, photos etc., I would be really grateful. I have a group Facebook page for the Gimblett’s and you would be very welcome to join me there.  I have also now started a DNA Project and if you would like more details of this. please go to  https://www.familytreedna.com/public/Gimblett

Family Trees

When I began my Gimblett One-Name Study, one of the things I wanted to do was to try and form my data into trees.  I now have nineteen trees, with more branches about to be turned into trees.  Hopefully, over time, these trees will begin to merge into each other – but that is still in the future!

Over the next few months (or years!), I will try to put the trees onto this site.  They will have only basic information (birth, marriage and death but not baptism and burial dates) but enough that the members of the tree will be recognisable.  I will name the tree after the place-name of the earliest member to help you to decide which one you want to look at.  

I have used the surname that each individual has at the point of their first appearance (birth, marriage & death post 1837 and baptism, marriage & burial pre 1837).

Click on the tree at the side and if you can add or want further information, please let me know.
I have made every effort to ensure that no living person is included in these trees.  However, if you do come across a name you know to be living, please get in touch and I will remove it.

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